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Author Review: Harry Turtledove (1949 Present)
Review Written By: Alan


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Born in Los Angeles in 1949, Turtledove eventually attended Caltech and flunked out.  Apparently undaunted, he eventually earned a Ph.D. in Byzantine history from UCLA.  Besides teaching ancient and medieval history, he has also published a translation of a ninth-century Byzantine chronicle.  Although a full-time writer of science fiction and fantasy, Turtledove has lately been writing quite a few alternative history novels.  He and his wife Laura, also a novelist, have three daughters.

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Writing Style

At this point, I have only read Turtledove's alternative history novels.  By writing about large-scale wars, his plots are necessarily complex.  He jumps around to the main characters in his story from chapter to chapter.  This can be disconcerting at first, but I eventually got used to it.  He writes in a fairly formal manner, but uses relatively easy to understand vocabulary.  His character development is adequate, but not overly complex.  He obviously researches history very thoroughly before embarking on his alternative history novels.  While you won't breeze through a Turtledove book quickly, you will find them enjoyable.

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Body of Work

Civil War

Guns of the South 

How Few Remain 

The Great War

The Great War: American Front

The Great War: Walk in Hell

The Worldwar Saga

Worldwar: In the Balance 

Worldwar: Tilting the Balance 

Worldwar: Upsetting the Balance 

Worldwar: Striking the Balance 


Colonization: Second Contact

Colonization: Down to Earth

The Time of Troubles Series

The Stolen Throne

Hammer and Anvil

The Thousand Cities

Videssos Besieged

The Videssos Cycle

The Misplaced Legion

An Emperor for the Legion

The Legion of Videssos

Sword of the Legion

The Tale of Krispos

Krispos Rising

Krispos of Videssos

Krispos the Emperor

Gerin the Fox



Prince of the North

King of the North

Fox and Empire


Into the Darkness

Darkness Descending (not yet published)

A World of Difference


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Harry Turtledove Website - The author's official web site.

Baen Books Harry Turtledove Site - Baen Books site for Harry Turtledove novels it has published.

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