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Author Review: Barbara Hambly (1951 Present)
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"I always wanted to be a writer but everyone kept telling me it was impossible to break into the field or make money. I've proven them wrong on both counts."
- Barbara Hambly

Barbara was born and grew up in southern California.  She was drawn to fantasy at an early age after reading The Wizard of Oz.  She attended the University of California and earned a master's degree in medieval history.  After college, she searched for a job that would allow her time to write.  The varied jobs she held included high-school teacher, waitress, technical editor, all-night clerk at a liquor store, professional graduate student (gee, I've tried that one), writer for children's cartoon shows and karate instructor.  Fortunately for us, Del Rey published her first novel, Time of the Dark, and her career as a full time writer was launched.

Ms. Hambly currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband (also an author) and two Pekinese dogs.  Besides writing, her other interests include dancing, painting, historical and fantasy costuming, carpentry and Shotokan Karate (she holds a black belt).

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Writing Style

Hambly's varied work spans a variety of genres.  Although, most of her works are fantasy novels, she has also written science fiction (Star Wars and Star Trek), historical whodunits, novelizations of television shows (Beauty and the Beast) and even vampire novels.  It is refreshing to see a writer who is comfortable in so many different and challenging genres.

Hambly takes pride in researching the settings for her novels thoroughly.  She is said to be irked by authors that set their novels in Los Angeles but who have never lived there or who fail to research the city adequately.  No doubt her background in medieval history served her well in her creation of the settings for the Darwath and Winterlands series.  

In additional to wonderful settings, her novels contain well thought out plots, plenty of action, dry humor and often, a bit of romance.  Some recurring themes that she adopts are the estrangement of adult (or young adult) children from their families and characters who cross from one world (universe) to another.  Her characters tend to develop close feelings for the other adventurers that share their quests.

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Body of Work

The Windrose Chronicles

The Silent Tower

The Silicon Mage

Dog Wizard

The Darwath Trilogy (plus 2)

The Time of the Dark 

The Walls of Air

The Armies of Daylight

Mother of Winter

Icefalcon's Quest

Sun-Wolf and Starhawk

The Ladies of Mandrigyn

The Witches of Wenshar

The Dark Hand of Magic


The Rainbow Abyss

The Magicians of Night

Benjamin January

A Free Man of Color

Fever Season

Graveyard Dust

Sold Down the River

Die Upon A Kiss

James Asher/Vampire Series

Those Who Hunt The Night

Traveling With The Dead




The Knight of the Demon Queen


Star Wars

Children of the Jedi

Planet of Twilight

Star Trek




Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

Song of Orpheus

Stand-alone Novels

Stranger at the Wedding

Bride of the Rat-God

Search the Seven Hills/The Quirinal Hill Affair

Fading of the Light

Magic Time


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The Official Barbara Hambly Page - Appears to be the author's official web site.  Contains lots of useful information about Barbara and seems to be updated fairly regularly.

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